How your windows can light up your sale

Windows Exterior

Windows are a key feature of your home. Presenting them in the best light can play a major part in encouraging buyers to request a viewing.

  • During the day we suggest you pull up any blinds and draw your curtains back. Potential viewers passing by will get a great impression.




Windows interior - light room

  • Open them as wide and as completely as you can, maximizing the amount of light that floods in – this creates a much better impact when viewed from outside.


  • If you are able, longer, floor length curtains are a great benefit, emphasising the height of your ceilings and elegantly frame your windows.




Dirty window frame

  • It may seem obvious, but cleaning your windows regularly is very important. Grime and muck sends outthe wrong signal. Clean and sparkling could well put you ‘on the way to a winner’.


  • Avoid placing flowers in the window as the light will can quickly turn the water green, causing your flowers to wilt. Best to keep your window sills clear and clutter free.




Window Sill with glass bottles

  • On the subject of keeping your sills clear, we recommend removing any framed pictures – from the outside the rear of the picture will appear unsightly and spoil the appearance of your home. To avoid looking too minimalist and spartan any items you choose to place on your window sills should look great when viewed from both the inside and out. A bowl of rattan balls or other smaller accessories should do the trick.


  • White UPVC window frames can be prone to discolouration overtime. There are specialist products now available that will revitalise their appearance.




Looking out window at country cottage

  • If your frames are painted, it is well worthwhile to make sure the paintwork is in good order, straighten out any wavy paint lines on the glass or or runny paint marks on the frames.


  • Damaged glass or failed double glazing units should ideally be replaced. These stand out and it will be in your financial interests to replace them before selling as opposed to having to accept a lower offer once you are on the market. If it is not possible to replace and repair these items, you should obtain a quote for replacement so you are well prepared with realistic figures should the need arise.



broken window locks

  • Do all your windows and any locks open and close properly? More than likely your buyer will check this. Their surveyor certainly will. The same advice applies here. Make sure they are all in good order. Your buyer will appreciate it. If you cannot make any necessary repairs, think about getting a quote – once again, you will be well prepared should the question be raised.





Net Curtains

  • Many properties have net curtains for reasons of privacy. If possible remove them whilst your property is on the market. If this is not an option for you, at least open them fully when prospective buyers are viewing. Once again the light will flood in, enhancing the feeling of space.


  • Sometimes mould  may appear around your windows. Check them out for ventilation – modern double glazed units have vents to allow a flow of air even when the windows are closed – if you have them, make sure they are open. If not, simply wash the mould carefully with a bleach solution. Once cleaned ensure regular ventilation to prevent a recurrence. Keep an eye out too, for mould lurking behind larger pieces of furniture that, if placed close to your walls, may also be subject to poor air circulation.


  • And what if you do not have any curtains or blinds? Well, we thoroughly recommend that you get some. They really can “make a room come together”, creating a sense of warmth and homeliness. Place poles and brackets so that the curtains and blinds can be fully opened to allow the light to pour into the room.



If you need advice, our Dedicated Personal Agents, all have a great eye for property presentation and love assisting home sellers to ensure their properties are beautifully staged – please feel free to give us a call. We will provide you with an open and honest opinion, helping you to achieve a sale  faster and to get a better price.