Are you still trying to sell your property?


If you have been trying to sell your home without success, we have some tips that may help you to find that so far elusive buyer.

Most likely you are using the tried and trusted method of an estate agent to sell your home, unless you are experimenting with an online agent or even opted to try and sell it yourself via a private sale.

Whatever your preferred method, when a property struggles to sell the culprit is usually ‘the market’. Your current agent will advise that there are not many buyers at the moment, perhaps due to a holiday period, an uncertain economy or other bad news in the media.

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These factors are not necessarily irrelevant, but they may not be the reason why your property has not sold yet. The key factor is not the market… it’s the marketing.

Hopefully, you will at least have viewings for your property that have attracted some offers.

After all, there are always people looking to buy. Life events mean that very few people decide to move simply because of the time of the year, or the state of the economy, currency exchange rates or the value of the FTSE.

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Motivating factors actually are far more likely to be events such as an expanding or declining family, marriage, separation or divorce, the loss of a loved one, a job move or the need to secure a home close to a particular school. These needs, often referred to as ‘upsizing, downsizing and relocating’ are relatively constant.

In a buoyant market, selling is usually a relatively straightforward process. However, if you are hearing that the market is not as good as you had hoped, the buyers are still there, so why has your property not sold?

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Often, it will be that the marketing of your home has not been revitalized to ensure that prospective purchasers are getting the message that your home could be just the one they are looking for.

You now need to reassess everything you are doing, change your thinking and adopt a fresh strategy.

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First ask yourself why you bought your home when you did? What was your family and work situation at the time. What are the most typical circumstances of the people moving into properties close by to you most recently? This represents your target audience. Now you need to attract them.

Your marketing message needs to appeal directly to them. All properties have features of benefit. Make sure you have identified these and then simply ensure that all your marketing material emphasises and highlights these key assets. Now your property is a magnet for your target audience.

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Get the message seen. A hidden message is no message at all.

Your presence online must be visually engaging with the best relevant features of your property “front and centre”. The theme should be consistent too. The property brochure must make the same, immediate statement.

These “big hitter” benefits are often the most visually engaging. Make sure you have fabulous blue sky photography and irresistible images of the main lifestyle features of your home – so that buyers are enticed to wish it was their home too.

This process needs your agent to engage with your potential buyers, establish their wants and needs and then take the necessary steps to match your property to those that will most likely love all the features your property can offer them.


None of this is necessarily easy, but if you are determined to sell, contact your agent and ask them to share your commitment. Encourage them to reassess their marketing strategy to revitalize response – it could mean that a sale might be “just around the corner.”

If you need another opinion, we are always on hand to give a helping hand – we have lots of ideas and love helping people to buy and sell property. It’s our passion.