Presentation is the Key

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Modern marketing resources dictate that the presentation of your home is the single most crucial factor in influencing whether you achieve a successful sale.

It is particularly important prior to your home being placed on the market for sale. This is your opportunity to make sure buyers get the “wow factor” you are aiming for – it will directly influence how many times your property is viewed on line, the number of buyers who actually come to view and have a significant impact on the offers you receive.

If you get your presentation right, you will be well on the way to a great sale at a good price. Get it wrong and the waiting sets in and when the offers eventually come they will not be what you are aiming for.

agent with camera
Every aspect of your presentation will be important.

  • Make sure your agent produces an interesting and individually distinctive description for your home together with gorgeous, irresistible photography – first impressions count, capturing the emotions of potential buyers, creating a ‘must have’ urge to view.
  • A stunning brochure is exactly what you need for your property, emphasizing the best features, creating excitement and anticipation – ensure your agent “hits the mark”.


Hot Air Balloon


You are now well on your way to receiving your first offer.

  • Most buyers will experience the great benefits your property has to offer online. Your agent’s marketing has to be absolutely spot on.



St Paul's Cathedral at Night

  • Brilliant photography, blue sky external shots, beautifully exposed internal images that capture the light, inside and out, with just the right amount of “lifestyle” images to get buyers “wishing they were there”.


  • Make sure the property is tidy, Clear away the children’s toys, put away the washing up and laundry, make the beds, plump up the cushions, keep your windows, tables and work surfaces clear, and don’t forget to draw your curtains and blinds to let the light flood in.


sun and clouds

  • This impact will create the website traffic that leads to viewings for your property.


  • The sequence of your photographs on line is important. Make sure they follow the natural sequence of your home – the kitchen should not appear in between a beautiful shot of your garden and a tempting close up of your “sun trap” patio area.



Whilst many buyers will only ever see details online there are still opportunities to display your home in hard copy brochure format. It needs to look the part or else the job won’t get done.



  • Buyers get a real sense of quality from a bespoke brochure with high class professional taken images and individually


  • It can increase the emotional connection, making the difference between whether to make an offer or not, and, if so, can tip the balance in favour of going the extra mile to meet the price you are aiming for


  • The information included, when beautifully and clearly displayed, to include a good floor plan is highly valued by serious, prospective bidders during the post viewing, decision making process.


  • For example, from your own personal experiences and reactions, you will know the difference in your responses between a poorly written photocopied sheet arriving by second class post and an elegantly crafted  hand delivered bespoke document.


Things start to get really interested once the viewings start.

garden with birdhouse

  • When presented effectively, these can really influence the outcome, encouraging good offers.


  • Your agent should be well informed and able to answer all key questions. This means great preparation by your agent in consultation with you to ensure key facts are readily available. This information is really helpful in overcoming objections and reinforcing the positive.


  • Following a well structured viewing appointment, your agent should be able to gain early and informative feedback.


At the viewing your home should be equally well prepared, looking at it’s very best. Your viewers will be arriving with high hopes and great expectations.

burning barbecue

  • Clutter free, pets out of sight and mind.


  • Lights  and lamps on, perhaps with the fire burning in the sitting room (may be for the winter, at any rate), curtains and blinds drawn to let the light flood in.


  • Some  finishing touches such as flowers here and there are the little things that can make the key difference.


  • Making your house the home of your buyers dreams is the objective and the right presentation should ensure you are aiming in the right direction.

If you want to know more and to pick up some tips, tailored to your own home, please feel free to give us a call. We love helping to make properties sell more easily.