To Get More Viewings The Basics Need To Be Right

View of London

Following the summer holidays there are usually plenty of new properties coming on to the market. Buyers become more active – the extra supply means they have more choice.

This all usually results in more activity, with an increase in viewings creating more chances to get offers.

If you find yourself receiving several offers, perhaps because you are selling a really desirable home you may find the competition leads to higher bidding.

The general rule here is that extra viewings usually means higher sale prices.


So, here are some ideas that can be actioned easily to increase your viewing levels.


  • If you are already on the market keep in touch with your agent and ensure that your home is getting the attention it deserves. Ensure that they are promoting the key benefits – perhaps ask for some fresh photography and a revitalised description.
  • Make sure you have “blue sky” photos and maybe ask for some great “lifestyle” photography to add to the desirability.

cars outside garage

  • It always a good idea to remove any cars from the photo – if your photo currently makes the driveway look like a car park, now is the time to act and ask for some new images that showcase your home car free.
  • Have all the sales team visited to learn exactly what your property has to offer? If not request that they do so as soon as possible – it is always easier to sell if you understand what it is you are selling.


  • By showing the agent that you are keen and pro-active they will be keen to respond in kind.

Cherry Blossom

  • The children are back to school and weather wise, there should be time now to give the garden a final makeover, tidying up the borders, sweeping the patio and your driveway, clearing away any leaves and ensuring the lawn is neatly trimmed.


  • Take a quick check on the paintwork on your front door and window frames. A quick lick of paint can make all the difference along with a bit of polish on your door furniture and wipe down of any double glazed frames.


Greenhouse Windows

  • Make sure your windows are sparklingly clean and, if you have opted for your agent to have a For Sale board, make sure it is clean and visible from both sides to maximize the chances of being noticed.


  • This will all help you to make the most of the remaining summer days and longer evenings.


For more tips, why not give us a call? We are always happy to help.