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Lettings with Christies Estate Agents

Delivering top drawer pre-tenancy administration and handling legal formalities can be an area of much concern for many landlords. That is why we deliver a service that allows us to partner front of house skills with a back office team that can take each new let from ‘offer’ to ‘check in’ with speed and efficiency. And, should you choose either our rent collection or full property management services, the same back office support team will provide you with all the benefits that come from extensive professional training, expertise, long experience in the field and high standards of customer care.

Pre Tenancy Administration/Legal Formalities

How do we work? The Christies R & R’s interactive portal collates and validates the details of each agreed offer; applicants’ references are processed; tenancy agreements prepared; monies collected and deposits registered. Throughout this process we ensure you will be talking to the same member of staff - who will also help with and advise on the principal legal formalities, inventory services and the other essential components of the pre tenancy administration.

Rent Collection

Many of our clients who choose to self manage their properties often derive extra comfort from having rent formally collected and accounted for. The Christies R & R team provide a rent collection service that enables busy landlords to access rental statements online, keep in touch with what is happening with tenancy end dates and ensures a seamless path to re-marketing if tenants are vacating.

Full Property Management

Overseas and discerning clients will usually opt for a full management service. Entrusting your properties to the Christies R&R team provides you with a service you can trust; a service that has been refined through 25 years of experience in the field.

Full property management is a relentless task that demands a significant knowledge of practical matters and a multitude of people skills – patience, understanding, consideration .. and, occasionally, counselling! It certainly isn’t simply a case of getting washing machines fixed when they break down.

In today’s properties, for example, there are many expensive natural surfaces to be maintained, property maintenance programmes to be executed, tenancy renewals to handle, notices to issue, deposit claims to be negotiated… and so much more.

The Christies R & R team are intensely proud of their reputation as first class property managers and will provide your tenants with a service in which you, too, can take pride.